Qatar Police Clearance Certificate

Qatar Police Clearance Certificate

If you are applying for a Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent residency, you may need to provide the Qatar Police Clearance Certificate if you had lived in Qatar for a long period of time.

The fastest way to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate is to authorize a relative or a friend in Qatar to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate for you on your behalf. For this, you will need to provide your contact in Qatar with your legalized fingerprints and legalized power of attorney along with other supporting documents (please contact our office for complete list of the required paperwork).

How we can help you?

Our agency is located in Ottawa that gives us an advantage for authenticating and legalizing the documents in timely fashion. Just send the notarized fingerprints form, notarized power of attorney along with the completed LSC Order Form to our office and we will do the rest.

We will get the Power of attorney and fingerprints authenticated and legalized within 3-4 days. Once the documents are completed we can ship them directly to Qatar by DHL, if you require.

Good Conduct Certificate from UAE

UAE Good Conduct Certificate

If you have lived in UAE for more than 6 months you may be required to get a UAE Good Conduct Certificate to present it to the Canadian government or private agencies for various purposes. In most cases the UAE Good Conduct Certificate is needed to be presented for passing a security clearance during the application for a new job, a permanent residency or a Canadian Citizenship.

The UAE Good Conduct Certificate, also known as a Criminal Record Check Certificate, is a document that confirms whether you have criminal records in UAE or not.

The UAE Good Conduct Certificate is issued by the Dubai or Abu Dhabi Police Departments. To obtain the Good Conduct Certificate the applicant or his/her represetative need to submit in Dubai or Abu Dhabi Police Department a legalized fingerprints form C-216C with other supporting documents (please contact our office for a complete list of required paperwork).

So there are four steps for obtaining the UAE Good Conduct Certificate:

  1. Getting your 10 fingerprints taken by your local police department on the form C-216C.
  2. Getting the form with your fingerprints notarized by a Canadian Notary Public.
  3. Getting your notarized fingerprints legalized. If the fingerprints form is not legalized in Canada, the UAE Police Department will not accept it.
  4. Sending the legalized fingerprints formalong with other supporting documents to your contact in UAE who will obtain the UAE Good Conduct Certificate from Police Department on your behalf. Also you need to send to your contact a legalized power of attorney empowering him/her to act on your behalf on this matter.

How to legalize the fingerprints form?

Once you have notarized the C-216C fingerprints form, send it along with a notarized power of attorney to our office in Ottawa and we will attest them for you. Once the documents have been attested, we can ship them directly to your contact in UAE by DHL. In this case you will need to send all required paperwork in your initial mail to us.

If you need to obtain a UAE Good Conduct Certificate, contact us to get started.

Legalized for use in Russia

How to Get Canadian Documents Legalized for Use in Russia

Foreign governments and organizations often require legalization of documents before acknowledging them.

Should you intend to travel for work, study or carry out any form of business in Russia, you need your Canadian documents to get legalized for use in Russia. For the documents to be recognized in Russia, they are required to pass through a three stage validation process known as notarization, authentication and legalization through diplomatic channels. This process is sort of equivalent to the Apostille therefore this legal practice often confuses many people since it looks obscured to them. Without knowing all aspects of the legalization process, one can waste not only her valuable time, but also a lot of money.

Recently, a Canadian lady who received a job offer to teach in Russia was required her university degree legalized in order to apply for a work visa permit. Unfortunately, her documents were not processed due to non adherence to the requirements set by the governments of two countries. The process which in theory seemed straightforward became complicated in practice. She was at the point of giving up the process when she was lucky to meet one of the LSC’s numerous clients who got similar documents legalized for use in Russia. She decided to hire LSC as well to do the work for her and was very joyful as LSC has authenticated and legalized her educational documents for use in Russia at very short time.

If you need your Canadian documents to be used in Russia, you should entrust this task to the experienced and knowledgeable service provider as Legalization Service Centre.

The strong working relationship which exists between Legalization Service Centre and the Russian Consular offices in Canada guarantees your speedy process of authenticating and legalizing your documents so that they can be legal and valid for use in Russia.

Canadian documents can be legalized for use in Russia within 5 days. Please contact LSC for more information.