Degree Authentication in Canada

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In order to receive an official recognition outside of Canada, your Canadian High School or University/College diplomas and degrees need to undergo the document authentication and document legalization process in Canada or how it is called in some countries Degree Apostille. The authorities in countries where you would like to use your educational credentials need to make sure that the degrees, diplomas and transcripts are genuine and were legally obtained in Canada. The same process is required for photocopies of original diplomas and transcripts. In this case the photocopies need to be certified by a Canadian notary public as true copies first and then undergo the degree authentication process in Canada.

Degree Authentication Process in Canada

The Legalization Service Centre facilitates the Degree Authentication process in Canada. The degree authentication is quite complex in Canada, especially if you need to present your documents in Qatar, UAE or China. We know all aspects of the degree authentication process in Canada. Our main goal is to make sure that the diplomas and degrees are properly handled, authenticated and legalized in accordance with the Canadian and International laws and regulations so that they can be accepted abroad.

Normally, the degree authentication requires two steps: document authentication at the Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada or Global Affairs Canada,  and document legalization at the Embassies and Consulates in Canada. While some embassies legalize the degrees as is, some Embassies like UAE Embassy in Ottawa or Qatar Embassy in Ottawa will require the official transcripts to be mailed to them directly from universities.

We have authenticated and legalized hundreds of Canadian degrees and transcripts to be used in foreign countries. We know all aspects of this process so please do contact us to get started and we will help you to save your time and money in this process.

If you are looking to authenticate your degree to obtain the Chinese work visa, please follow this link:

If you are looking to authenticate and attest your degree to obtain the UAE work visa, please follow this link:

If you are looking to authenticate and attest your degree to obtain the Qatar work visa, please follow this link:

Steps for Degree Authentication in Canada

  • Prepare the Degree and Transcripts for authentication process. If you are not sure about where to start with, please contact our Office and our experts will help you with preparation of your documents;

  • Send the Degree and Transcripts to our office: LSC, 440 Laurier Ave., W., Suite 219, Ottawa, ON, K1R7X6

  • Receive back the authenticated and legalized Degree and Transcript from us.

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“Authentication process of my daughters birth certificate, delivering it to the Embassy for legalization, everything was done in a timely manner and with great communication at all stages. Thanks to these guys I got all the paperwork done just in time and did not have to cancel my vacation…Thank you!” – Konstantin – Whitehorse, Canada              

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“Great, same day service, extremely professional in dealing with me, easily accessible for any questions, flexible in making arrangements most convenient for me, extremely fast delivery of documents despite the fact that I am currently overseas, and all that for a very reasonable cost…. THANK YOU!”  – S. Majstorovic                

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“Professional And Cooperative Our company worked with Legalization Centre Office for legalization affairs with different foreign Embassies few times and each time we experienced a prompt service and great cooperation when required. We are fully satisfied with their service and we will continue working with them for our future projects.”  – Elaheh Sadeghi

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“I have used LSC’s service twice to get documents legalized by foreign embassies. Timely communication and great customer service! They even helped to expedite the legalization process at the embassy! Will be using their service again very soon…highly recommended.”    – Sherri    

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