Marriage Certificate Apostille, Authentication, Legalization

Marriage Certificate Authentication

Your marriage certificate is an important document, and if you plan to move to another country with your spouse, you must make sure that you have it ready so you can take advantage of the benefits of marriage.

Even so, the process is a little bit more complex than arriving in the country and showing the embassy your Canadian marriage certificate. You must go through a verification process known as authentication and legalization. If these terms confuse you, it’s okay! Today, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to ensure that the entire process is smooth and fast.

Canadian Marriage Certificate Apostille

If you’ve lived in a different country before, you might have heard about apostille. The marriage certificate apostille process derives from The Hague Apostille Convention. This was a piece of legislation signed by multiple countries in the Netherlands as a standardized way of verifying foreign documents. It makes the process easy and quick.

However, Canada was not a signee of this treaty and follows a slightly different process known as authentication and legalization. Yes, it means that you need to jump through a few more legal hoops to apostille your documents, but the end result is the same as marriage certificate apostille.

Marriage Certificate Authentication

The first step is to do your marriage certificate authentication service in Ottawa. This happens at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. They’ll review your Canadian marriage certificate and ensure that it meets all of the legal requirements. They’ll check its legitimacy, and once it passes, they’ll provide you with a stamp that means it is ready to move onto the next step, legalization.

Canadian Marriage Certificate Legalization

The final stage of this process is marriage certificate legalization. This essentially converts the document and ensures that your destination country will recognize it. Failing to complete this stage can lead to headaches and trouble down the road, so make sure you don’t forget it!

You’ll need to go to the embassy of your destination country here in Canada. Make sure that your marriage certificate is original and in long-form. They’ll review it and ensure that it is correct and will provide you with their seal of approval. From there, you’re ready to use it in your new country!

We Can Help

This entire process can be long, stressful, and confusing in many cases, but we’re here to help! Simply bring us your Canadian marriage certificate, and we’ll handle the entire process for you saving you time and worry. To get started, get in touch with us today!

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Document legalization

Legalization Service Centre: One Stop Solution for Your International Document Needs

Going to a foreign country any time soon? Whether you’re going there for travel, work, or school, you’ll need to go through the document legalization process. This process has a few different steps, and it’s easy to skip one accidentally.

Luckily, Legalization Service Centre makes the process incredibly simple! Here are a few ways that we can help with all of your international document needs.

What services Legalization Service Centre have to offer?

To start with, let’s take a look at the services that we offer to all of our customers.

First, we’ll help you sort through all of your documents and determine which ones you need, and which ones can stay home. Everyone has different needs and will choose to travel for various reasons. Because of this, we don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to our customers, and instead, we’ll listen to your goals.

After we sort through the documents, we’ll determine which ones need to be authenticated or notarized. Some documents already have this built-in and can skip this step. Others might need extra attention. We’ll help you determine this.

Then, we’ll get in touch with the embassy of your destination country. We’ll also work with Global Affairs Canada to help save you the trip and the time. After we sort everything out with them, we’ll even mail your documents, so you have them once you arrive in your destination country without issue.

We make the Process Less Stressful

If you’re a first-time foreign traveler, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed as soon as you start learning about the different document legalization steps. It can take some time to research all of this, and if you miss a step, you might be turned away once you arrive.

Sure, it is possible to go through the entire legalization process yourself, but if you’ve never done it before, you might run into problems. Part of the advantage of working with the Legalization Service Centre is that we won’t let you fail. Every staff member is trained and experienced in the art of document legalization. We’ll answer any questions that you might have, and we’ll also take care of a majority of the technical work. Basically, all you need to do is bring your documents and tell us what you’d like to do – we take care of the rest from there!

Save Time

The legalization process can take time, but since we’re experienced, we know how to make the entire process seamless. Rather than getting in touch with various embassies and agencies yourself, we do this for you. We’ll overnight your documents and save you the drive or flight, and you can focus on setting up your travel accommodations instead of your documents.

Let Us Help!

If you are ready to travel to a foreign country but don’t know where to start, we can help! Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get the document legalization process started for you!

Criminal Record Check: Why They Matter and How to Have Them Authenticated and Legalized

If you are planning to move to a foreign country either for work or school, you might have been asked to provide a legalized Criminal Record Check. Don’t worry—you haven’t done anything wrong! These forms are incredibly common, and many countries require them for new residents. Here are a few facts and actionable steps you can take to make sure that you are on the right track.

What is a Criminal Record Check?

A Criminal Record Check is essentially a formal background check. It shows your record with the police. By having this document authenticated and legalized, it confirms that the record is accurate at the date of legalization. When you present the document in your new country, they’ll be able to know for a fact your past experiences with the law if you have any.

Where do you get a Criminal Record Check?

To get a Criminal Record Check, you can have it issued by the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa. If you don’t want to travel there, you can also get one from a local police detachment in your area.

Does it matter where you get it?

Although you can have a Criminal Record Check issued from two different locations when getting one at a local RCMP office or local police detachment, you must have it notarized. This ensures authenticity from the start before moving forward in the process. On the other hand, if you are issued a Certified Criminal Record Check from RCMP headquarters in Ottawa, you won’t have to go through this authentication step. If you’re local to the area, it might be ideal to go there to save you some time and an extra step.

Can you get one while you’re out of the country?

While it can be faster to have this process done in person, it is entirely possible to get a Criminal Record Check while you’re out of the country in most cases. You should arrange with your local police detachment in the country of your residence the fingerprinting on the special form and post them to our office to get them digitalized. Once we receive them we will submit the digitized fingerprints into the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa. We will email you the paperwork upon request.

Why Criminal Record Checks Matters

By going through the authentication, legalization, apostille, and attestation of your Criminal Record Check, your new country will easily know your entire legal history. Many schools and businesses across the globe require them along with your other legalized documents so make sure you have everything taken care of before you travel overseas.

Requirements for the Authentication and Legalization Process

Global Affairs Canada will handle the authentication of your Criminal Record Check or Certified Criminal Record Check from the RCMP in Ottawa. Once Global Affairs Canada has authenticated your document, you can then submit it to the applicable diplomatic mission for legalization.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about the legalization process, or if you want us to help you along the way, please contact us. We have years of experience working with documents from around the world, and we can help take all of the guesswork out of document legalization. Contact us today for more information.